The pre-order closes on Saturday 18th March at 9pm GMT
We have put together a little FAQ below for the matte jelly vinyl pre-order

Q: What is matte jelly vinyl?
A: It’s a pvc vinyl that is semi-opaque. It has a nonporous surface so it repels water. It’s great for beach bags, makeup bags, pencil cases and the famous boxy bag by Oklaroots.

Q: Is it sticky and hard to sew?
A: No it has a matte finish which doesn’t stick to your sewing sewing. The jelly is 0.5mm-0.7mm thick. It's thinner than our faux suede/lace vinyl we sell and works great on domestic machines.

Q: Why is it only available on pre-order? Will there be any retail?
A: The pre-order allows you to get the colours you want in the quantity that you want. Due to the very limited space we have at LSS HQ we can not guarantee we will have any available for retail so we highly recommend you pre-order if you really want some.

Q: Can I iron it?
A: Please do not attempt to iron it’s pvc plastic and your iron will hate you.

Q: What needles would you recommend to use and can I sew it on a domestic machine?
A: Yes, you most definitely can use a domestic sewing machine. I would recommend you use a microtex or universal needle. When I made the teal tote bag I used a teflon foot and microtex 90/14 needle with a longer stitch length so the jelly doesn’t perforate and rip.

Q: Why does shipping start at £8 for 1 roll?
A: Jelly is shipped rolled in a long box and sent by via tracked courier. We can not fit a 50cm roll in a Royal Mail small parcel package it’s to long. You could always order with a friend to save on shipping?

Q: How many rolls come in the bundle pack?
A: 12. 1 of each colour and shipping is free on the bundle pack.