Light Heather Size #5 Nylon Zipper Tape with Silver Teeth

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Precut Length

Light Heather size #5 nylon zipper tape with silver teeth is available in 3 precut metre lengths
Each quantity will be precut to the length you choose 
1 Metre (1.1 Yard)
3 Metres (3.3 Yards)
5 Metres (5.5 Yards)

Multiple quantities of the same length will NOT be cut in 1 continuous piece.
100% Nylon
Size: #5
Zipper pulls are not included and can be purchased from our shop here

The zipper tapes have the appearance of metal look teeth. Continuous zipper tape can be cut as long or short as needed. Size #5 zipper pulls can be used either direction to make double pull zippers. You can also coordinate our nylon zipper tape with our range of bag hardware.