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What increments are your fabrics sold in?

All our cotton, canvas and eco laminated fabrics are cut from the bolt and are sold by the half metre. Single quantities will be cut as 1 half metre. If more than one is ordered, you will receive a continuous length. All other fabrics and vinyls are sold by the pre-cut length stated on each listing.

Can I collect my order?

Sorry, we do not offer collection from the studio.

Can I order a gift card? 

Yes at Little Stitcher Sews we offer e-gift cards. The gift card will be sent directly to the email you provide. If you wish to physically give it to someone then use your email address and then you can print it off and pop it in a card. On the e-gift card it will provide you with a code that needs to be entered at checkout in order to redeem the amount.

Why do the colours look different?

We use a combination of stock images from manufacturers and our own photographs. We have tried our best to represent the colours as accurately as possible. However, we can't guarantee an exact match to the fabrics shown as colours vary on different screens and devices. Therefore fabrics may look different upon arrival. When ordering custom printed fabric, please understand it could vary slightly on different fabric bases vs digital images.

Do you use eco friendly packaging

We try to use eco friendly mail bags and cardboard boxes. The packaging we use to post your orders is mostly fully recyclable or compostable and we encourage you reuse the packaging your Little Stitcher Sews order arrives in.


When will you ship my order?

We aim to dispatch your order within 3-4 business days. We dispatch orders on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. During sales and busy times it can take up to 6 business days for your order to leave us. Should you need your order quickly please contact us. 

Do you offer international shipping?

At the moment we are only ship orders in the UK.

Why is the shipping for vinyl rolls more expensive?

All our vinyls, jelly and TPU are shipped rolled (with the exception of Santiago || faux leather this is sent folded) and sent via tracked courier. Be it one roll or many, they are sent rolled not folded so the item is delivered to you with no folds or creases, these therefore have to be sent in a longer box which is then delivered by a tracked courier service and not by Royal Mail.

Can I send an order directly to my family or friends?

Yes of course you can. Please make sure you change the shipping address.


Do you offer pre-orders?

Yes we do on certain items you can find more information on our current pre-orders and terms and conditions here

Bonded Polyester Thread

Can I use the Bonded Polyester Tex 45 thread in my domestic sewing machine?

Our bonded polyester threads are great for bag making and top stitching. Bonded polyester Tex 45 is a thicker weight thread than your standard polyester threads e.g Gutermann sew all. We recommended you use a size 90-14 or 100-16 needle in your machine. Bonded polyester Tex 45 threads work great on semi industrials and most domestic sewing machines. Please read your sewing machine's manual to check compatibility before ordering.

The larger thread spools don't fit on my domestic sewing machine?

If your machine will not hold the large thread spools we recommend getting one of our adjustable large thread holder stands available here that can sit behind your sewing machine.

Custom Printed Fabric Bases

What is luxe smooth bonded polyester fabric?

Luxe smooth bonded polyester fabric is a water resistant fabric that has a poly-nylon silky smooth finish. The weave is completely smooth and water beads on top of the printed fabric and repels upon movement. It is anti wrinkle, weather proof and very flexible but also has great structure for bags on the exteriors and is also great for linings. This type of fabric does not hold creases due to the composite properties of the fabric, we do not recommend fusing interfacing to the back of this fabric as it will cause the fabric to wrinkle. It's domestic machine friendly and very easy to sew and turn out. 100% Polyester, 280-300 gsm, it's extra wide at 147cm - 57" (approx). This fabric is easily wipeable and can be washed in cold water allow to air dry or spot clean only. We sell this fabric in 1 metre pre-cut lengths if multiple quantities are ordered it will not be cut in 1 continuous piece it will also be shipped folded. To remove folding creases this fabric can be ironed from the back. This fabric base was previously called smooth water resistant (SWR)

What is water resistant cotton canvas?

Water resistant cotton canvas is our newest custom fabric base. The weave is woven and water beads on top of the printed side of the fabric and repels upon movement due to the water resistant treatment that has been applied to the fabric. This 100% cotton canvas still feels just like regular cotton canvas it's made of cotton not polyester like our previous wpc base. It's exactly like sewing normal canvas, it's domestic machine friendly and very easy to sew. It can be ironed and it's ok to fuse interfacing and stabilisers to this fabric. It can be washed but this will weaken the water resistant treatment on the fabric. It's 100% cotton canvas 225 gsm 7oz and extra wide at 150cm - 59" (approx). Single quantities will be cut as half a metre which measures 50cm x 150cm - 20" x 59" (approx). If more than one is ordered, you will receive a continuous length. This fabric is shipped folded.

What is printed vinyl?

Printed vinyl can also be referred as faux leather or PU. Vinyl is great for making bags, totes and pouches. 100% PU with a canvas backing, our printed vinyl is 1mm in thickness (approx), 137cm - 54" wide (approx) and sold by the half metre roll which measure 50cm x 137cm. Wipe clean only. Please note vinyl is shipped rolled and sent via tracker courier.

What is printed WPC?

Also know as WPC or polyester oxford canvas. This base has a woven weave and is 100% polyester 600D denier with a white PVC backing, 350-375 gsm (approx) It's extra wide at 147cm - 57" (approx). Wipe clean only. We sell this fabric in 1 metre pre-cut lengths if multiple quantities are ordered it will not be cut in 1 continuous piece it will also be shipped folded. To remove folding creases this fabric can be ironed from the printed side not the PVC back on a cool to medium setting. This fabric base has how been discontinued and been replaced with water resistant cotton canvas. We may have some stock left in our clearance section.

Why does the printed fabric or vinyl smell?

The printed bases may sometimes have a slight odour due to the way they are manufactured. We recommend letting them air out in a well ventilated area before use.

Other frequently asked questions

Is the light water proof canvas ok to use for lining bags?

Our light waterproof canvas is perfect to use for a bag lining also looks great to use on the outside of a bag too. It comes in over 25 solid colours and is very easy to sew on a domestic sewing machine. It's 100% polyester 225 gsm and extra wide at 147cm - 57" (approx) and has a light waterproof pvc layer on the back. We sell this fabric in 1 metre pre-cut lengths if multiple quantities are ordered it will not be cut in 1 continuous piece it will also be shipped folded. To remove folding creases this fabric can be ironed from the front side only we would recommend you using a pressing cloth on top of the fabric and use a cool setting on your iron.

What is eco laminated cotton fabric?

Eco laminated cotton is 100% quilting cotton fabric, laminated with a special ‘ECO-Laminate’ TPU layer, creating a machine washable waterproof fabric. This lightweight TPU fabric is suitable for general protection purposes, because of it’s wash-ability and softness it is particularly suitable for bags, clothing products such as raincoats, aprons, bibs, changing mats or dog coats.

Are the vinyls, jelly and TPU you stock domestic sewing machine friendly?

On each listing we provide how thick these vinyls approximately will be. They can work on most domestic machines, with the correct feet we recommend a teflon or walking foot on your sewing machine. You may need to adjust your tension on the machine. We also recommend using a bulky seam aid / hump jumper which we sell here

Why does the cotton linen canvas have little flecks in the fabric?

Fabrics which are woven from natural fibres have characteristics and other irregularities in the yarns which are features and not therefore treated as weaving faults.

What's the difference between 4.5 wale and 8 wale cotton corduroy?

Corduroy is made by weaving extra sets of fibre into the base fabric to form vertical ridges called wales. The wales are built so that clear lines can be seen when they are cut into pile. 4.5 wale means there are 4.5 'stripes' per 1" and 8 wale means there are 8 'stripes' per 1".

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