Pre-order Round #1 Suede Faux Leather & UV Viny

This pre-order is now closed - ETA 8-12 weeks after close of round #1

Terms & Conditions:
You agree when ordering either the suede faux leather & UV vinyl it will not be shipped straightaway. Expected delivery is estimated between 8-12 weeks after the preorder closes on 13/04/21 then we will place the order with our manufacturer. These dates are for guidance only and are subject to change due to manufacturing & production. Please note that pre-orders are not subject to cancellation or refund. Fabric is ordered based on pre-orders and as such is not eligible for cancellation or refund. Please place orders with care and do not place a pre-order if you have a certain delivery date in mind, as delays are always possible and completely out of our control. Please order pre-order fabric separately from any other purchase you wish to make otherwise your other items will be "held" until the  Suede Faux Leather & UV Vinyl arrives and is ready to be posted, and your order will be sent together.

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