Essential Thread Bundle | 5 Colour Pack

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Essential Thread Bundle
Each essential thread bundle includes 5 colours of Tex 45 bonded polyester thread
Colours: Navy, Grey, White, Tan and Black
Brand: Little Stitcher Sews
Reel Size: 4100 Meters (approx)
Composition: Tex 45 Bonded Polyester

Little Stitcher Sews bonded polyester thread is great for bag making and top stitching. Bonded polyester Tex 45 is a thicker weight thread than your standard polyester threads. We recommended you use a size 90/14 - 10/16 needle. Bonded polyester Tex 45 threads work great on semi industrials and most domestic sewing machines.

Please read your sewing machine's manual to check compatibility before ordering. If your machine will not hold the large thread spools we recommend getting one of our adjustable large thread holder stands available here