Ink Splash Stripes Pink Floral | Luxe Smooth Bonded Polyester Fabric

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Each quantity is pre-cut to 1 metre lengths 100cm x 147cm 40" x 57" (approx) Multiple quantities will NOT be cut in 1 continuous piece.
Composition: 100% Polyester
Weight: 280-300 gsm
Width: 147cm - 57" (approx)

Luxe smooth bonded polyester fabric is a water resistant fabric that has a poly-nylon silky smooth finish. The weave is completely smooth and water beads on top of the printed fabric and repels upon movement. It is anti wrinkle, weather proof and very flexible but also has great structure for bags on the exteriors and is also great for linings. This type of fabric does not hold creases due to the composite properties of the fabric, we do not recommend fusing interfacing to the back of this fabric as it will cause the fabric to wrinkle. It's domestic machine friendly and very easy to sew and turn out. 100% Polyester, 280-300 gsm, it's extra wide at 147cm - 57" (approx). This fabric is easily wipeable and can be washed in cold water allow to air dry or spot clean only. We sell this fabric in 1 metre pre-cut lengths if multiple quantities are ordered it will not be cut in 1 continuous piece it will also be shipped folded. To remove folding creases this fabric can be ironed from the back. This fabric base was previously called smooth water resistant (SWR)