Wild Flower Petite | Eco Laminated Cotton

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Fabric is sold by the half metre
Single quantities will be cut as half a metre which measures 50cm x 110cm - 20" x 44" (approx) If more than one is ordered, you will receive a continuous length.

Eco laminated cotton is 100% quilting cotton fabric, laminated with a special ‘ECO-Laminate’ TPU layer, creating a machine washable waterproof fabric. This lightweight TPU fabric is suitable for general protection purposes, because of it’s wash-ability and softness it is particularly suitable for bags, clothing products such as raincoats, aprons, bibs, changing mats or dog coats.

Composition: 100% Cotton & TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) Film
Width: 110cm - 43.3" (approx)